miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

A bad start saved.

Here is where I will start writing about my experiences on this trip. (Monday, December 13, 2010)
A very bad start today.  Airbus supposed to pick me up at IHop, Carpinteria, at 4:10 Bill Mitchell and I sat down to wait for what we thought would be half hour. I ordered a patty melt to split with him. At 4 pm he looks out the door and asks me, Is that your bus? I turn around and an Airbus is pulling away from the parking lot.  I tell Bill, lets chase it. I throw a ten at the waiter and run out after Bill.  We get on the freeway, completely foggy, there is the shape of the bus in front of us, we surely will catch it soon, all is well.  Whoops, it is not the bus, it is some other type of truck.  I call Air bus and tell them what happened, asking them to please alert the bus that we are following.  The dispatcher tells me that the bus has not arrived in Carpinteria yet. I tell him that we will turn around and meet it in Carpinteria, please have the bus wait.  Bummer, we can't turn around and a second call to Air Bus reveals that they can't stop anywhere in or out of the freeway to pick up anybody after they pass Carpinteria.  Billy just sighs and tells me that he will take me to the Los Angeles Airport.  What a friend!  I am mortified all the way but he is super relaxed and just calmly talking as if it no big deal.  When we get there he tells me that it is his meds making him mellow. Thank goodness for pharmaceuticals.  Later I call him to find out if he is back and in good shape. Yes, he is a happy camper.  Go Bill. You made this horrible start a good one after all.

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  1. Travel, like life, seems to ask us to be flexible, open, gracious and grateful. Thank goodness for good friends, for the seeds of friendship sown, grown, and lovingly tended, and yes, pharmaceuticals. A rough start but so far it looks to be a lovely trip. The magic and beauty of Spain seep into your photos and you seem to be finding your rhythm there. It is lovely to see.

  2. Ohh my goodness Arturo...what a friend! Last time this happened to me, I took the wrong bus in Costa Rica, which landed me in the middle of a Chiquita Banana plantation...actually he dumped everyone on the wrong side of the bridge where people would have to get their own ride to Limon...I am glad you made it.
    Take it easy, be safe.